Sitemap - 2023 - Ada Lovelace Day

Annie Easley, Computer scientist, mathematician and rocket scientist

Starstruck: A Memoir of Astrophysics and Finding Light in the Dark, Sarafina El-Badry Nance

Prof Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi, Marine biologist

ALD News: Prof Anusha Shah becomes ICE President, automotive pioneer Bertha Benz podcast

Maths is for everyone!

Dr Valeria de Paiva, Mathematician and computer scientist

How Far the Light Reaches: A Life in Ten Sea Creatures, Sabrina Imbler

Prof Isabella Aiona Abbott, Phycologist and ethnobotanist

ALD News: Relive ALD, discount available for the Ri's 'Not just for the boys' event

Dr Frances Wagner, Palaeontologist

Prof Nadine Caron, General and endocrine surgeon

Carbon Queen, Maia Weinstock

Prof Jewel Plummer Cobb, Cell biologist and cancer researcher

Prof Marie Maynard Daly, Biochemist

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Welcome to Ada Lovelace Day 2023!

Ologies, Alie Ward

ALD News: One week to go until Ada Lovelace Day!

A century of women at the Royal Institution

Prof V Narry Kim, Biochemist and microbiologist

ALD News: New indie events, ALD in Stylist

Energy transition: Sink or Swim?

Prof Fumiko Yonezawa, Theoretical physicist

ALD News: Final speakers announced for Ada Lovelace Day Live!

Prof Janaki Ammal, Botanist and cytologist

The Matter of Everything, Dr Suzie Sheehy

Dr Firdausi Qadri, Immunologist

Stay curious

Prof Hailan Hu, Neuroscientist

ALD News: Organise your own event to watch our livestream on 10 October

Looking Glass: Climate Solutions, Gemma Milne

Dr Rukhmabai Raut, Physician

ALD News: Ada Lovelace Day Live tickets on sale now!

Prof Maryna Viazovska, Mathematician

Superior, Angela Saini

ALD News: Delia Derbyshire Day celebrates Doctor Who, FOTSN returns, ALD Patreon to close

How health tech is revolutionising patient care

Dr Katalin Karikó, Biochemist

Prof Maria Pavlova, Palaeontologist

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Sway, Prof Pragya Agarwal

Ada Lovelace Day at the Ri on 10 October 2023

Prof Rita Levi Montalcini, Neurobiologist

Mary Eliza Mahoney, Licensed nurse

Poo and power

Holding The Knife's Edge, Dr Thato Motlhalamme and Dr Evodia Setati

Prof Danielle N Lee, Behavioural Ecologist

Prof Irene C Peden, Electrical engineer

The science of the human voice

Beyond Coding, Prof Marina Umaschi Bers

Bertha Parker Pallan, Archaeologist

Maryam's Magic, Megan Reid and Aaliya Jaleel

People Behind The Science, Dr Marie McNeely

Dr Claudia J Alexander, Geophysicist and planetary scientist

Don't fail our future Ada Lovelaces

Reaching for the Moon, Katherine Johnson

Prof Flossie Wong-Staal, Virologist and molecular biologist

The Caring Scientist from Adriana Wolf & Nikoline Borgermann

Prof Edith Clarke, Electrical engineer

Fire and Ice, by Dr Natalie Starkey

Inge Lehmann, Seismologist and geophysicist

Dr Elizabeth Rona, Nuclear chemist